summer ritual
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Anonymous asked:

What breed is Leo he's gorgeous , ohh I love his ears :)<3

all i know is his moms a german shepherd (i saw her at the shelter) but other than that i don’t know. he looks and acts a lot like a ridgeback to me. and purple tounge like a chow? who knowssss. yeah his ears are goofy :P

Anonymous asked:

What does #squid mean ? <3

squid is just how i tag things that are personal to me. like cell phone photos/videos/random stuff that isn’t really ‘my work’ it’s just how i archive my personal photos. :)

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talia &amp; her guava. i&#8217;ve never seen a girl eat so much fruit&#160;! 
it&#8217;s practically bursting off the trees, so we walked around the yard, eating as we go. there is a lot of fruit i&#8217;ve never seen or eaten before. it&#8217;s incredible! i feel like i discover a new kind of fruit everyday.
//wearing the lenni the label jumpsuit 
fifth centipede i&#8217;ve seen. maybe it&#8217;s time to stop walking barefoot around the house
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in the beginning of summer, i visited Celeste Byers and we started working on our collaboration. we hiked up the canyons carrying huge bags of white fur and string. celeste became this creature in the moss // it makes no sense and i couldn&#8217;t stop laughing. one of the best parts of collaborations is to experience how your own work changes and shifts when it&#8217;s combined with others. such a special thing to witness.celeste truly is one of the greatest people on earth. i am so inspired by her passion for life! she is one of those people who leaves a trail of magic everywhere she goes.go check out her world&amp; hear her music too&#160;!this is the first image(s) we&#8217;re releasing of our series // so much more to come!
new work for LENNI THE LABEL
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Opaque  by  andbamnan