"the early morning hour has gold in it’s mouth"

all my life i’ve been a morning person. no matter what time i go to bed, i naturally wake up with the sun. if i sleep in, i feel ‘off’ for the rest of the day. it’s interesting because almost everyone i know loves to sleep in late. i love sleep as much as anybody.. but (my advice) if you get the chance to wake up with the sun, it will be worth it! 

during those early hours, everything feels hopeful and fresh. the magic at dawn is tangible. when night dew still clings to the plants. every drop of water is a prism of a thousand colors. somehow it feels like it isn’t really real, and for that moment, you have the entire world to yourself.

i made this little video last night, from the past 2 days. it ends all the sudden cause i seriously couldn’t figure out how to fade out at the end… oh well! enjoy!

was just watching the 10 minute long video i made of leo years ago, and i pressed something and it all got deleted! 

all the clips are black now. ahhh it was so fun to watch while it lasted…like time traveling

Anonymous asked:

Do you guys eat pineapple and ham pizzas in Hawaii?

haha i really don’t like that combination. but i think people eat pineapple/ham pizzas everywhere. some people shoot the wild pigs in their yard here and eat them for dinner—i’ve seen it. ah

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everyday. everywhere. dead baby lizards 
(hand is there for size) ha
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sunrise happy dog :D

What a Roll Magazine posted a feature of an entire roll I recently shot. You can view the photos I haven’t posted before here::::big thanks to Edie Sunday Photography for the opportunity to share these:)
ocean milk


Opaque  by  andbamnan