little blu butterfly

new work for open house projects. wearing the YES ring
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painting through the storm
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really excited about this upcoming show ‘Natural States’ in Mexico City at Fifty24mx gallery. curated by the most amazing artists Celeste Byers andAaron Glassonopening on october 30th—come see and bring your friends!!Estados Naturales (Natural States) is a celebration of life, possibility, imagination, and the miracle of living. The exhibition opens on the eve of the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the dead), a Mexican holiday with three days of festivities where people honor the lives of passed loved ones and ancestors. As death is certain for all living things, Dia de los Muertos is chance to remember, rejoice, and welcome spirits of the deceased into their lives. Similarly, Estados Naturales is a reference to the seen and unseen within the past, present, and future forces giving form to all of existence. It is a dedication to the magic of life and its potential.
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